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The Doctors TV Show Features the KAMRA™ Inlay

Congratulations to Dr. Kerry Assil and the Assil Eye Institute for being featured on The Doctors. Click on the link below to view the exlusive interview with an actual KAMRA patient and Dr. Assil.


KAMRA™ Inlay for Presbyopia

Dr. Manrique is proud to offer this revolutionary treatment in McAllen and San Antonio.

Manrique Custom Vision is proud to introduce the KAMRA™ Inlay treatment as a part of our services. The KAMRA™ Inlay treatment is an eye procedure that restores near vision and reduces the constant frustrations of reading glasses. It provides a natural range of vision — from near to far. It also offers long-term performance to help you continue to enjoy clear near vision over time. The KAMRA™ Inlay is ideal for people looking to no longer depend on reading glasses or contact lenses for their everyday activities.

How KAMRA™ Inlay Works

The KAMRA™ Inlay sits in the first few layers of the eye known as the cornea. Smaller and thinner than a contact lens, the inlay is a mini-ring with an opening – or pinhole – in the center. This pinhole allows only focused light to enter your eye. The KAMRA™ Inlay is placed in only one of your eyes, allowing you to see up close, while maintaining your distance vision in both eyes. Your non-KAMRA eye is left untouched. Working together, the eyes allow you to see near to far. This is unlike monovision laser vision correction, which corrects one eye for near and one eye for distance and does not last over time.

KAMRA for Presbyopia or Near Vision Loss

The KAMRA™ Inlay is indicated for intrastromal corneal implantation to improve near vision by extending the depth of focus in the non-dominant eye of phakic, presbyopic patients between the ages of 45 and 60 years old who have cycloplegic refractive spherical equivalent of +0.50 D to -0.75 D with less than or equal to 0.75 D of refractive cylinder, who do not require glasses or contact lenses for clear distance vision, and who require near correction of +1.00 D to +2.50 D of reading add.

Call Manrique Custom Vision at 956.661.9000 today to see if the KAMRA™ Inlay treatment is an option for your presbyopia or near vision loss.

Call Manrique Custom Vision at 956.661.9000 today to see if the KAMRA™ Inlay treatment is an option for your presbyopia or near vision loss.

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